Another Victory For GREE By Sunshine IP

January 25, 2019

On January 25, the Patent Reexamination Board of the State Intellectual Property Office made an invalidation?decision, declaring that AUX’s invention patent “Method for Automatic Detection of PG Motor Failure” (ZL201010039703.7) was invalid. This is another major victory for Sunshine?IP International?after invalided AUX’s utility model which sued to compensate 10 million RMB in damage.

?Earlier, AUX?sued?GREE?Electric Appliances?for infringing their?invention patent?at Ningbo Intermediate People's Court, requiring GREE?to stop the infringement and compensate for the loss of more than 95 million RMB. Subsequently, GREE asked Sunshine IP to file an invalidation request for the accused patent. Coincidentally, the first trial of the infringement lawsuit was held in the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court on the 25th?and on the same day, the Patent Reexamination Board?issued all claims of the accused?patent invalid.

????This is the second major victory for Gree Electric in the patent battlefield?represented by Sunshine IP for the past two weeks. On January 14, the media competed to report on the invalidation of AUX’s utility model for "motor steering mount" which we represented GREE. In the first-instance judgment of the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court against GREE?and AUX' infringement dispute involving the utility model patent, GREE?was ordered to compensate AUX?for economic losses of 10 million?RMB. Sunshine IP International?has skillfully used the novelty evidence to invalidate the patent.

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