The Patent Infringement Dispute Case Represented by Sunshine IP International is Selected to the 2017 SIPO Top Ten Cases of Patent Infringement and Counterfeiting


Recently, the patent infringement dispute case of “Traceability of Product Quality Anti-Counterfeit Labels, Systems and Traceability of Anti-Counterfeiting Method" by Sunshine IP International was selected into the top ten typical cases of patent infringement and counterfeiting in 2017 issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.


It should be specially pointed out that in the “Beijing Top Ten Patent Cases of Patent Administrative Protection in 2017” organized by the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, this case and the “Mobike Patent Infringement Dispute Case” were also selected, and reported and published on April 24th special edition of the Beijing Daily. The business capability and service quality of Sunshine IP, as well as the outstanding efforts to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights holders, have not only been recognized by the local intellectual property administrative departments, but also fully affirmed by the State Intellectual Property Office.


Sunshine IP International has always relied on its responsibility to provide high-quality services to customers and rich experience in intellectual property legal practice. We focus on helping customers make full use of the intellectual property system to consolidate their competitive position in the market through solid professional knowledge and reasonable solutions. In the case process in recent years, we also actively guide the right holders to choose the flexible and convenient, low-cost administrative treatment channels for patent infringement disputes in a timely and effective manner according to the specific demands of the clients and the specific circumstances of the cases.

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